Impregnating my Sweet Daughter

Horny daddy is deflowering his little daugher and filling her tiny pussy with cum! And he fucks her so many times and squirting litres of cum into her beautiful tummy so she became a pregnant from beloved daddy! 😉

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    • Sean on November 16, 2020 at 5:49 pm
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    now it’s time for me to insert my penis into her butt and fill her anus alllll the way with my hot steaming juicy wet tasty cum!!! mmmm

    • G3TxJacked on May 3, 2021 at 7:54 pm
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    Mommy brushes her hair and smiles at how good she is doing. Sure she is screaming her brains out but it’s correct. “Yes! Hahaha! Fuck me! Yes daddy yes daddy yes daddy!” An animalistic growl/scream makes her legs shake like they aren’t attached anymore as her father makes the entire bed buck and the mattress touch the floor. The headboard is smacking the dry wall so hard the dry wall has split and fallen behind the bed. A wet soaking mess of the sheets means they will throw them away soon. Her princess themed room just a class place for daddy to fuck her.

    “Good girl.” Mommy says as her guts are moved around. Her stud of a husband ruining his daughter for any cock other than his. Her belly bulges like he is punching her from the inside. Growing hot and red from expansion. “Fuck me! Fuck me!” He brain is clicked off and she is just a cock sout. Fuck meat Mommy made.

    They both gasp as they hear daddy cum. He slams home and starts to fill her. Her eyes bulge at her mom. Her mouth opens in a dry scream with no sound. Rolling slowly back in her head as her back arches and her belly expanse. Her mouth takes the chance to push her pisdy into her daughters lips and kiss her husband. He pulls out just a bit so she can stroke out every last drop while he is still in his daughter.

    Pulling out with a hard thrust backwards there is an auditable *pop* and her legs snap closed in pain as she lets out a muffled scream. Starting to eat mommy’s pie. Her ass is slapped and her legs pushed open at the knees. A smiling mommy’s face is pushed roughly down into her daughter’s box. She moans in please to eat the cream pie as daddy puts puts foot to the back of her head. Just two bitches for him to breed.

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